Monday, January 23, 2012


So this last Halloween we had so many stinken cute costume options that we had to put Lil'Guy and Sweet Pea in them all. Our first Halloween adventure was a good friend's Halloween Party. Lil'Guy decided to wear his Lightning McQueen Driver's suit. What a tough looking driver. Good thing he doesn't know what road rage is.
Sweet Pea wore her Lady Bug get-up provided by Buckabooe. Yep she was way to cute for a bug.
We also went to a friend's ward Halloween Party. Our ward wasn't having one so we thought we would crash theirs. Lil'Guy liked this costume best for the night. I am sure the cute girls by his side had nothing to do with his choice. I love my super boy!
Here is a better picture of Sweet Pea in her pumpkin costume. I bought this years ago, before I ever met Hubby. One year a store had left over costumes for next to nothing. I was so excited that it fit her. She is the cutest little pumpkin I have ever seen. Our last party was the morning of Halloween. I was helping out with our preschool's Halloween party. Lil'Guy felt like the coolest kid at the party. Nana provided this costume for him and he almost worn it out before hand. Pretty good looking storm trooper if you ask me. We had a nice spread of theme food and the kids loved it.
Sweet Pea is dawning the second of my pre-mama purchases. I have never seen such an adorable cheetah in all my life. I had to post two of these. The second one still makes me shake with laughter every time I see it. It's like she knew how to act like a cheetah at five months old.
When it comes to carving pumpkins, I gut and Hubby carves.

Lil'Guy wanted to design our pumpkins this year. He had a good old time drawing what they should look like.
Here is our funny family pumpkin carving celebration picture. We really did have a good time. haha!Pumpkin Loving!
A good friend gave us some of her children's old costumes. They were so cute but a little small for Lil'Guy. He wanted to put them on to play with. I kept telling him that they wouldn't fit but he wouldn't stop begging. So I told him he could try them on. Once he realized that I had spoken the truth, all he wanted to do was take them off. This was so funny that I just had to take pictures. Needless to say Lil'Guy was not pleased. I think I made the right decision.
The big night came. All dressed up in our costumes, the whole family set out for a fun time.
Lil'Guy had a ball as Woody. Hubby a Redbull drinker.(Yes those are wings on his back.) I thought I would develop a Domestic goddess costume complete with a 3 foot long to-do list.
Sweet Pea got a darling lamb costume from Nana. She was such a trooper being dressed up so much.
We all had such a wonderful time dressing up. Halloween is such a fun holiday. We hope this was worth the wait. We thought the kids were to cute to miss. We hope you also had a good Halloween even if it was almost three months ago.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Cup Runneth Over

Our baby girl is such a joy and brightens our lives every day! Her big brother, Lil'Guy thinks she is great and we agree.
We moved the end of July and had the greatest help from my dear #2 sister and her third daughter. She and Lil'Guy had a ball playing and #2 and I had a good ol'time jumping into dumpsters for boxes. Sister #2 you are amazing and I am so grateful for all your help. We wouldn't have been able to move as smoothly with out your help. I can't thank you enough. The Elders Quorum in our ward was another blessing. Twelve men showed up with 5 pickup trucks and moved all of our belongings in two hours. God bless you all for your help.

Hubby and I went to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers in August and it was a lot of "pick'en" fun. We took Baby Girl and she thought he was pretty good too.
Third row front and center. Not bad at all. We could barely contain ourselves.

Our next big adventure was Baby Girl's Blessing. Hubby's sisters came with Hubby and friend. The Papa's and Buckabooe were great entertainment as well as Sister #2 and her entire family. We didn't know what to do with so much over flowing love and support. Below are some of our fun times during the weekend. Here is my Dad holding Baby Girl for the first time. I think it was an instant bond.
All of our guests stayed at the same hotel. We took advantage of the pool and had a great time splashing around. I think the adults may have had more fun than the kids or perhaps swimming pools makes kids out of us all.
Aunt J playing with Lil'Guy
Hubby, Lil'Guy and Uncle P
Sister #2 with all six of her darling children.
Papa helping Lil'Guy float.
Buckabooe water bonding with Baby Girl
The whole gang at the blessing. I think we are a good looking bunch.

Poor Lil'Guy was having a hard time with allergies. He was trying hard to smile. The itchy eyes got the best of him.
Silly, Silly picture!
Papa and the kids relaxing.
Two of the cutest kids ever. Yes I am the Mama and I can say that. hahaha Baby Girl had a hard time staying awake. Well its better than crying. Lil'Guy can't get enough of holding his baby sister.

Ah see here is the crying but what a beautiful dress. Here are a few close ups.

New Baby, New house, tons of support from friends and family. Thank the Lord for such amazing blessings.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome Baby Girl!!!

We are pleased to announce the birth of our second child, Baby Girl! She was born about four weeks ago. She was 6 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 inches long. Healthy, Health all around! I will try to get more pictures up and keep this blog updated a little more. Until that happens I hope you will enjoy these pictures as we are enjoying her.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Summer of birthdays, fun and silliness!

We let Lil'Guy's Hair get a little to long. It was obviously time for a hair cut. Daddy comes to the rescue with his trusty buzzer. AHH that is better. Look what a handsome little man we have! Hubby's birthday Breakfast was presented to him by none other than Lil'Guy. Omelets, bacon and waffles. MMMMMM
Hubby has started more serious bicycling. So he asked for a new ridding shirt for his birthday. He looks like the pros now.
Notice the guilty faces of these two. Now notice the "back" of the birthday cake. Yeah I saw the slice missing when I was putting the candles on. I guess they couldn't wait, so it must have been good.
Hubby and Lil'Guy always have so much fun picking out the best birthday presents for me. Lil'Guy was sooo excited to give me this wonderful table. I LOVE IT!!!
Hubby sacrificed and purchased this lovely book for me, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" It was only a sacrifice because its part of the Twilight saga and he is frankly put off by it. Thanks my Love, it was just what I wanted.
So here is Lil'Guy sporting his, Lightning McQueen driving costume that Nana and Papa gave him. He loves to dress up. Throw in a little Daddy time and he is set. I just get the biggest kick out of it.
We have been working on learning to cook and clean. My goal: to have Lil'Guy think that cooking and cleaning are the best things ever!! Well here he is helping me make dinner. He is totally loving it and I bet a few of you out there can even guess what it is.
Oh yeah! cracking the eggs are on the top of the joy-o-meter!!
Almost done! He is really good about standing back when I ask him to. That doesn't mean that he can't enjoy the view. (Know what it is yet?)
Now I have to admit that we are a silly little family. I know, I know you are all shocked by this revelation. Below are pictures of an activity that was inspired by, none else than our own, Lil'Guy. You know what they say, "A family that is silly together. Stays together!".
Lil'Guy and a good friend venturing out to enjoy one of our beautiful summer days.
They are truly two of a kind. Here they are blowing air into the tub to see water rush out. So Fun!
Having had a marvelous water filled day we wrap-up and pack-up.
Off to home they go. True Super Hero's of the summer!